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Exclusive Collection Vandemoortel Clay Pavers Header Image Exclusive Collection Vandemoortel Clay Pavers Header Image

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Exclusive Collection: VandeMoortel Clay Pavers




Dedicated to supplying only the most desirable natural landscaping products, Natural Paving has within its current range, a stylish collection of clay pavers.

In a time where concrete alternatives are increasing and competition is intensifying, Natural Paving remains steadfast to its wholesome and natural range of landscaping products, by offering Home Owners, Consumers, Contractors, Designers and Merchants a clay alternative.

Unveiled in March 2013 at Eco Build, the fresh new and exclusive ‘VandeMoortel’ range of clay pavers was a particular hit with Designers and Contractors who marvelled at the products versatility and design possibilities. The pavers provide a functional, attractive and natural way to carve visual outdoor spaces due to their unparalleled versatility as they can be laid flat or vertically and in a myriad of random or traditional patterns such as stretcher bond, basket weave or herringbone.

The Collection

Natural Paving is now exclusively offering four single sized pavers that come in a variety of colours and finishes:

  1. Aureum: A tumbled and sanded clay, vanilla and beige in appearance.
  2. Terrestre: A tumbled and un-sanded clay in rich classic reds modernised by hints of soft brown and dark beige.
  3. Forum: A tumbled and sanded paver, encased by a mixture of subtle beige tones and beautiful soft pinks.
  4. Sepia: A non-tumbled and un-sanded modern choice of clay, in a soft and indulgent chocolate brown hue.


Why use Natural Paving clay pavers?

Just like natural stone products, the clay pavers offer many benefits and Natural Paving state that the clay pavers:

  • Will always retain their colour because they are made of clay only and do not contain any artificial colour pigments.
  • Are unique due to their strength, water absorption (only 3-4%) and abrasion resistance.
  • Are frost resistant because of their uniquely low water absorption of 3-4%. VandeMoortel clay pavers have already been used in countries with a very cold climate like Russia, Poland and Norway.
  • Are ecological and durable; having been fired using a natural product (clay) and without any environmentally hazardous additives, they can also be reused.
  • Require little maintenance, it suffices to clean them with water and a broom.
  • Have a Benor and CE-Certificate.

Following a prime time appearance on ITV’s Love Your garden (July 2013) Natural Paving have received a phenomenal amount of interest in the pavers, Terrestre in particular!

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“We had been thinking about doing our driveway and patio for a number of years. We knew it would be a big investment so we weren’t going to rush into it. Natural Paving were so helpful and provided suggestions, samples and recommended contractors. We finally decided to go ahead and have had both our patio and driveway done and the results are fantastic. We couldn’t be happier with the service and support.”

Home Owner - Dr Pathak, Leicester

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For further information please call 0330 333 8030 or email